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Maggie Jennings

Having spent many years running normal walking breaks in this beautiful county of Suffolk, I soon realised that Nordic Walking had so many health benefits to offer people, that I wanted to train as an instructor.

I trained in London with Nordic Walking UK, and since then have been happily teaching hundreds of walkers, not only in Suffolk, but in many places in this country.

Here in Suffolk, I run courses locally, either for groups or individuals, work with Suffolk Sport as an instructor for one of their many initiatives to get people walking, and organise many stunning walks of various distances for those who have already learned to Nordic Walk.

On a voluntary basis I work with the NHS in the Physiotherapy Department, helping those who can no longer walk in the normal way. These people use the poles in a different way to you and I, but using them keeps an upright stance, and they are able to walk short distances with greater ease, and can then gain an extra dimension to their lives. In some cases, their walking sticks mean they bend over too much, learning to walk with Nordic poles, allows them to look around much more and appreciate the countryside around them.

I am also a voluntary Health Walk Leader. This is another government initiative to get the public walking again after such things as illness, sedentary lifestyles, or just simply habit! This scheme, at present, is normal walking only, not Nordic…..although there is nothing to stop anyone using their poles.